Hi, my name is Sanne!

In a series of videos, I’ll walk you through the process of making your livestream one big success!

Are you looking for an explanation? Check out the overview below.

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Greetings Sann

1. Your livestream is scheduled!

After watching this video, you can start thinking about the content of your livestream. How many people will be in the studio? And will there also be digital guests? Will you use a powerpoint? Or will you have lots of videos? Are we going to use break out rooms or not stream through the Your Online Event platform?

We are now on the ground to organize a successful live stream!

2.1 Your livestream data

We have just shared a Google Drive Map with you. This is the digital working environment for you and for us before, during and after the stream. We start by filling out the livestream data document so that we have the basic information all in one place.

Having problems with the Google Drive?
Then take a look at our troubleshoot video.

2.2 Brand identity elements

To design your livestream and your platform (if it is a platform on Your Online Event), in your brand identity, we need the brand identity elements. Such as color codes, fonts and images.

In terms of design, we have 3 options (in the livestream document you made a choice):

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Custom

Depending on your choice, we will create the platform and visuals. Do you want to change your choice? That’s possible!

Watch the video to see exactly what you need to provide.

2.3 Problems with Google Drive?

Having trouble logging in or uploading? Watch the video, if it still doesn’t work after that. Send us an email!

3. Visuals and Platform

Have you already received the link to your own platform and visuals? We are curious if you are completely satisfied with the result.

Watch the video so you know what to pay attention to when checking the platform and visuals.

Give us a call when everything is approved!

4 Introduction to the Redactiontool

SoMMedia has created a tool that allows you to interact with your audience during the livestream. They can ask questions, send in photo’s or even participate with poll questions.

As indicated in the video, you need to log in to our admin page to manage the redaction tool.

Want to learn more about the admin page? Check out this video.

Do you want to learn all the ins and outs of the redaction tool? Then watch these tutorials.

5. Powerpoint, video’s and script

The livestream is getting closer and closer. Time to finish a few details! In this video we explain how you can get started with the content and how to submit it.

Make sure everything is uploaded and completed on the Google Drive before the livestream.

6.1 Tips & Tricks

It’s almost time for your own livestream! Here is one last video with practical information and useful tips! Watch the video to make sure you are well prepared!

We have gone through the whole process. You are now ready for the livestream, thanks to your efforts!

6.2 Dial-in tips

Will people dial-in during the livestream? Then we have an additional video with tips for live-callers.

Share this video with the callers in advance, so that they are prepared for the live stream.

We are now on the ground to organize a successful livestream

0.0 Thanks and till next time

Your are ready for your (first) livestream! Good luck and have fun. Hopefully we will see you again next time.